Photo by Jenna Winstead

Devan Mickell is a New York City based music photographer who’s notably visceral and authentic perspective conveys the violently honest yet beautiful moments within the chaos. As a performer, student, and lover of music with roots in the Las Vegas, Boston, and Nashville underground scenes, her diverse experiences lend her the ability to hone in and capture the unique qualities of each subject and scene, while simultaneously maintaining the unabashed raw emotion and energy that ties them all together. Her interpretation of music as a genuine representation and expression of the human condition compels her fearless and unrelenting devotion to sharing that experience, honest and unfiltered, through her work. From monumental arenas to hole-in-the-wall makeshift venues, she has explored the vast emotional intensity of performances ranging from elite to underground. Retaining her teenage love-affair with rock and roll has gleaned her a noticeably natural approach amidst the pandemonium, allowing her to create uniquely genuine visual portrayals of her subjects. Utilizing her unconventional methods, she translates the authenticity of every performance into time encapsulations of true grit and trampling physicality.

Devan received her B.A. from Vanderbilt University and is currently completing her graduate work at Brooklyn Law School. She is an internationally published journalist, an award winning creative writer, the editor-in-chief and photo director at Sorta Like a Dream, and a photographer for the NYC indie music blog, BrooklynVegan.